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Jacqueline Lichtenberg /science fiction author


The story of architect Abelton Kasperov and his discovery of man made Edan Island and the Godfrey family's bio-social experiment which parallels young co-protagonist J.P. Fong's uninvited cyber crisis; created by a seemingly random act of digital terrorism by the disparate hand of antagonist Lukiamo Fuastiano and his team of virtual overlords and their sinister powers of techno manipulation. Forcing J.P. out of a numbed corporate existence, into manhood, and into the arms of real not digital love.

Set in a post apocalyptic future, rife with post modern Utopian providence, and an uneasy Dystopian undercurrent, this sci-fi techno thriller carries humor, horror, and psychological mystery as we discover the draconian consequences of social networking, bio science, and post modern technologies.

"Edan" is a complete and rich world of fantasy, discovery and self study that will appeal to a wide audience of knowledge seekers, diversionists, and futurism fans."

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Futurist Esau Kessler is an Northwest creative with a background in broadcasting, graphic design, and business analysis.

Currently serving the community with Meaning Creative a community design agency, and developing Massive Happiness a national design group serving film, venture, product, and web startups. Widely known for his longterm study of social capital on his blog “Whuffie” and pop culture microblog “” The former radio producer, and single father of four children, when not working or busy with community ventures or non-profits such as The Vinearts League, or coaching English language to Burmese refugees, can be found writing his science fiction novel at local coffeehouses, socializing, or on the mountains hiking, biking, or skiing.

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